"1 px" - one dimensional augmented reality artwork - Boston Cyberarts Festival - April 22 - May 8, 2011

"1px" is a conceptual augmented reality piece by Sander Veenhof (NL, 1973) who previously explored the infiniteness of augmented reality dimensions by creating works such as the ever expanding interactive sculpture "Biggar", consisting of 7.463.185.678 virtual cubes in the skies wordwide, encapsulating the whole earth (The artwork even has an 'expanding modus', so it will soon dissappear out of sight to become the worlds' first -virtual- and invisible augmented reality artwork)

The one dimensional 1px artwork is an attempt to discover the limits of AR in the opposite, minimalistic direction. Never before was it possible to actually create a one dimensional item for real. The smallest creation on paper can still be measured, at some scale. One pixel on a computer screen is still 2D. It can be measured in X and Y direction. But in AR, the pixel as the smallest undividable unity, has no dimensional properties in any X, Y or Z direction.

The only data involved, is the physical location: look for 1px at the waterfront of the ICA building using the Layar app on a smartphone.

AR provides an unparalleled dimensional freedom. Even to skip redundant dimensions

VIEW 1px (in LAYAR Augmented Reality app)


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