An evolutionary approach to interface design


The multitouch-interface-for-plants installation has been developed during an artist-in-residence stay at the

Verbeke Foundation in Belgium

Working in the artist-in-residence area of the Verbeke Foundation greenhouse.

Plant multi-touchscreen interface V1.0 with 2 buttons: to activate light & water

Above: plant touchscreen / Below: touchscreen processing computer

Touchscreen processing software

Plant: Mimosa Pudica
Touchscreen: transparent screen, interface beamed from behind by picobeamer
Webcam: detecting sharpness of IR LED shadows of leaves (so it functions day & night)
Interactions: Interactively controlled waterpump & light
Hardware: Phidgets electronics
Software: Community Core Vision by NUI Group
Advice: Bram Geers (biologist) - advise on plant dynamics, light specifics
Luciano Pinna (former fysicus) - assistence with voltage, wiring, LEDS