Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality?


Don’t expect to find a winner in the augmented versus virtual reality debate, nor one killer app deciding the future of virtual experiences, argues Sander Veenhof.  Both VR and AR are bringing us many advantages, and just a few disadvantages, for which solutions can be found. Smart systems will help us to access relevant content at the right time and place, using the right device. We’ll live our future lives in a variable state of virtual immersiveness depending on our context and our whereabouts. While on the go, we will be confronted with a spectrum of apps ranging from text-based interactions to fully virtual environments – and beyond. Because with Google Cardboard we can intensify the VR experience by walking around a city while exploring a virtual world. The origin of this specific approach to VR coming from the augmented reality location-based background and fascination of Veenhof.   In his visual presentation, he will reflect on the problems, solutions and new (business) potential for the genre he dubbed “Outdoor VR”.

Tech Expo // October 5th // London