The outbreak of virtual life is the result of the launch of an augmented reality (AR) version of the classic "Game of Life" principle, originally developed in 1970 by British mathematician John Horton Conway. For decades, virtual organisms have been living an 'artificial life' in 2D grids on computers worldwide. Their movements and evolution based on a number of mathematical rules and a set of initial inputs.

Through mobile augmented reality technology (Layar) this 'artificial life form' now enters the physical space, thereby becoming a lot less 'artificial'. Walking amid the artificial life forms you create is possible using an iPhone or Android phone, which provides access to the parallel universe of locative virtual space. New experimental creations can be launched in public space and the geographical distribution and evolution of life forms created can be closely monitored, as well as the dynamics and confrontations within this multi-user 3D version of Conway's game.

An explanation of the recently started and still ongoing spread of ARtificial life throughout the city of Tokyo (and possibly worldwide) will be given at Club Superdeluxe, Tokyo, on the 9th of Februari, as part of the PLANETART CyberAttacks XXXL program