A project by Sander Veenhof and <>TAG
Co-produced with TodaysArt Festival 2008

 Sander Veenhof  concept, realisation, editing
 Hicham Khalidi curator, concept, realisation
 Anne-Lyke van den Elshout  co-curator
 Jérome Meyer  Choreography
 Merel Eijkelhof  production manager
 Sandra van Dongen  operational manager
 Ramses Nieuwenhuizen  production
 Danielle Boelling  production, communication
 Rowan McCuskey  graphic Design
 Appie Khalidi  production
 Karin Mientjes  grid design
 Emilie Patijn  editing
 Joost Kelderman  technical assistance
 Keir Neuringer  production
 Daniel Patijn  production
 Tjerk Stoop  production
 Sjef  provider of balcony

 & Jessica, Yukari, Tanja, Summer Porter, Lyndsey Housden

 Lighting by Focus and beamequipment by Beamsystems. 

 The Sousveillance project is supported by: 

 Mondriaan Stichting, Stroom Den Haag, Gemeente Den Haag OCW, TodaysArt Festival